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The west lake of music fountain,

Date: 2015-11-21

When hidden in the bottom of the fountain equipment under water pressure control is slowly rose to near the surface of the water, the careful design of fountain nozzle rotate 360 degrees, with music, spit out a variety of shapes of water, water spray, water polo, sometimes waves, sometimes graceful and restrained, attracts many tourists.Music fountain is ruled by fountain modelling, in combination with colourful colour light illumination, to reflect the connotation of music and music theme, a good music fountain, changes in water to form should be able to fully reflect the music.
West lake music fountain range is about 100 meters long, about 2 meters wide, an arc shape, the music fountain has six main nozzle type, light adopts LED water lanterns, on each lamp can have different color shift.Carefully designed fountain nozzle, can rotate 360 degrees, with music, spit out a variety of shapes of water, water spray, water polo.Music aspects are mainly Chinese classical music, rhythm of march, and so on.
When people feel all kinds of sound, will unconsciously put these auditory feeling and other than the feeling of the hearing organ, this phenomenon is called synesthesia, belongs to a kind of more heterogeneous heterogeneous a homomorphism corresponding phenomenon.Under normal circumstances, the bright treble notes often and visual feeling, positive and happy modal feelings together, often in the bass notes and dim feeling depressed or sad, modal feelings together;Soothing rhythm makes people experience the emotion of the open space or calmer, and rapid rhythm is easy to let a person feel cramped, emotional turmoil and so on.It's very beautiful, looking at a fountain of combined with colorful lights, enjoying the music, the west lake to the people there are always too many fascinating.Most have still the west lake!
The west lake of music fountain playing time:
From Monday to Friday, 9 games every day
During the day at 10:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00,
Night 18:00, 18:30, at 19:00, 7:30.
On Saturday, Sunday, 11 games every day,
During the day time again, add two in the evening, 20:00, 20:30 respectively;
Every 15 minutes during the day and night for 10 minutes.
Summer evening playing time:
From Monday to Friday, at 19:00, 7:30 PM, manner;
On Saturday, Sunday, increase at 21:00 and return two games.