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Hangzhou each mall across years promotion is coercive Open until midnight tonight

Date: 2015-12-31

A few years ago, hangzhou also play only a few stores across the years, in almost every store to do this year.Today, the reporter understands from major shopping malls, stores a lot of sales promotion, don't hesitate to lay hands on, but the key is to play, whether listening to music, play games, grab a red envelope or lottery, tonight, to choose a favorite shopping malls across the years.

At the end of yesterday, a "hangzhou survive! The biggest a rain!"In the circle of friends have been reproduced, the rain is actually red envelopes of rain Yintai.44 stores around the country and the Yintai network will make many red envelopes, including WeChat Lucky Money, taxis, tribute stores filled, and beer and skittles red envelopes, etc.West Yintai city also prepared 2016 red packets to send, in the New Year is sent out in two minutes, in addition, there are 10000 yuan worth of deluxe twin, Japan and South Korea.

From the reporter know, hangzhou more than half of the shopping mall will be free to send a red envelope.Solution best WeChat also prepared a rich gifts: 100000 yuan cash envelopes, sent to fans, and movie tickets, gift certificates and free style.

In addition, there are various forms of a red envelope, such as distributing of vientiane city drops a red envelope, a taxi please free;City square is handing out vouchers, firefox, old chongqing hot pot overlord meal vouchers, UME movie tickets, and ma song KTV sing coupons, etc.

In addition to a red envelope, mall across years activities also quite rich.Hangzhou tower brands will launch to the discount, the lowest 3 fold, shopping malls and all kinds of activities, including the lottery of luxury goods, can participate in menswear chanel, Dior, PRADA, the first prize is 4000 yuan worth of gold bracelet, a single computer with can draw receipts to 5000 yuan.Cosmetics with VIP card in single computer with send receipts to 2000 yuan, 400 yuan cosmetics gift certificates, part of the full 1000 yuan to 200 yuan cosmetics gift certificates, stylish clothing full 3000 yuan to 300 yuan gift certificate.

Best solution will be launched today year ultimate drama, with the greatest efforts, and covers the most comprehensive brand.Apparel full 500 yuan can draw, 50 yuan coupon everyone prize, 3000 yuan or more lavish gifts, including apple 6 s, gold bars, air purifier, and silk by, etc.

The store and fun way.Like vientiane city in addition to invite China top six students live music, good songs to build four hours of New Year's festival, will also invite audience to participate in the quiz game together.West Yintai city in addition to the concert, and a suitable version of the burger 'game.

And which not to be missed.Sand boat of ole whole brand as low as thirty percent enjoy discount on discount again, accumulated with the lottery actually paid to 1000 yuan.Xiasha bailian ole in addition to spend 2000 yuan to 200 yuan the lycra, and housing, if you want to order and up to the Hilton Hotel rooms, Lin by Courier mall will be a lot cheaper than the prices.

Predictably, tonight, hangzhou traffic is not too optimistic, at present the number of stores in hangzhou has enough, recommend nearby choose, take the green environmental protection way to travel.As for time, we don't have to worry about, this evening, almost all hangzhou stores will extend the business hours, do not close until early in the morning.