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Linan accelerate into "one hour city circle"

Date: 2015-12-31

Overnight, "hangzhou linan inter-city railway embankment in January 2016, officially started," the news let linan boiling, the number of linan people look forward to finally have a beginning.The opening of the inter-city railway means to integrate with the hangzhou, linan is gradually accelerated the pace.

To hangzhou linan inter-city railway station have 12

Linan city will ensure the successful completion of the project

In fact, as early as the end of September this year, the inter-city railway construction linan line the main report has expert evaluation, the energy efficiency evaluation, the soil and water conservation scheme, safety pre-assessment, etc more than ten supporting files have been compiled, and determine the located in linan intercity railway line test section of the city of science and technology, will start construction ahead.

Inter-city railway linan linan line is by far the largest single investment project of the people's livelihood, is a major project, optimize the development environment is created linan rail transit engineering, is impels the linan innovation and development, pilot project in hangzhou urban area.The whole city, more attention must be paid to the joint efforts, to ensure the project successfully completed smoothly.

The author understands, according to the provincial development and reform committee at the end of November to hangzhou linan inter-city railway embankment project feasibility study report of the approval, to hangzhou linan inter-city railway engineering from green road, hangzhou linan straight style center, a total of 12, 7 of the ground station with a line of about 34.7 km construction project officially started.

Hangzhou intercity railway line 12 sites of stylistic center respectively, linan square station, agriculture and forestry university station, high-tech zone, science and technology city, qingshan lake stand, jump head village, south village stand station, south lake new town station, old yuhang town station, south road, green road station statins.

Green road station and statins in subway line 5 transfer to realize and address just before the warehouse sheep village of pan.In addition, hangzhou intercity railway with type B in the car, and this line 5 models, then can fully achieve seamless docking.

Test section period of about a year and a half

To prepare for "one hour city circle"

Located in the city of science and technology of the test section project station to south peak village station reserved elevated range, station nearby city science and technology, along the highway road of science and technology in linan city green layout, all adopt the method of laying overhead, the line is 2.78 kilometers long.The construction period of test section is in December 2015 to June 2017, the construction period is 1 year and a half.

After the completion of the inter-city railway, will build in the hangzhou between multi-level comprehensive transportation corridor, improve the comprehensive transportation network with hangzhou linan and surrounding areas;Meet with linan hangzhou regional passenger flow growth of demand of rapid urbanization, promote the fast into the hangzhou linan city economic circle;At the same time also will be in urban areas of linan communication between the important transportation way.

To hangzhou linan inter-city railway embankment project feasibility study report predicts that, in the hangzhou railway is completed, around 2022, hangzhou line in the average daily traffic is expected to reach 88900 people;Forward to 2044, an estimated 177000 people.

The target value of inter-city railway speed of 120 km/h, to calculate the actual runtime line length, site distribution, operation time etc, usually, can control in 40 ~ 70 km/h.So, in the hangzhou railway linking the subway line 5, from linan city into the center of hangzhou can be controlled within 1 hour, will achieve "one hour city circle".

Before the construction will implement traffic control

The citizens to arrange travel route

The author learned from linan city public security bureau traffic police brigade, in order to ensure the smooth of hangzhou to linan inter-city railway embankment construction, December 30 until January 4, 2016, Lin an city road sections of the road in science and technology will be a temporary traffic control.

Traffic control measures for concrete, December 30, 2015 08:00 to 18:00 on January 4, 2016, the scientific and technological road binhe avenue park road to west road intersection traffic control, during the ban on shore avenue of science and technology park road, hexi intersection, riverside road chongwen crossroads vehicle control zones and way rerouting traffic G56 high-speed, 102 provincial highway or riverside road.

On January 3, 2016 08:00 to 12:00 on January 4, scientific and technological road binhe avenue to castle peak road intersection west road intersection, big garden road riverside road intersection to big garden LuTianZhu street intersection traffic control, during the ban on the road, castle peak road intersection of science and technology in the second crossroads, three crossroads, in the developed road, five intersection, marina hexi intersection, big garden road binhe road, sky column blocks, riverside road chongwen crossroads vehicle control zones and way rerouting traffic G56 high-speed, 102 provincial highway or riverside road.

During the period of traffic control, to ban all motor vehicles, the traffic participants, please cooperate actively, according to the police command and go around the traffic signs indicate.The author also remind the general public friend again, as in the New Year's day holiday travel, passes through road of science and technology, and the best reference to traffic control diagram in this paper, special remind, different time control ways are different.