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After today, is full of sunshine and warm New Year's day

Date: 2015-12-31

At the end of December 30, near hangzhou continue to clear up, the sunset over the west lake, in the sunset sky.The correspondent lille taken
This marriage had recently, sun strong light, warm temperatures also, in 2015 the final days of the performance is so good.
Haze, however, a look, oh, jiangnan comfortable very well, no, have to go to the dao, brush the presence.
So today, the north imported pollution, is likely to smoke again.Still can't, north China and jianghuai area moderate to severe air pollution.Under the atmospheric circulation, jiangnan cannot alone is good.
Through today, however, is full of sunshine and warm New Year's day.Small long vacation last day, would mean, gone with the wind a little light rain, temperature drop a little small.
Thanks for your accompany all the way, I wish a happy New Year's day, all in 2016.New Year's day to clear up after the rain, and the overall warmth
It is on Thursday, but felt out on Friday.Well, have a little long holiday is good.
This season, what's the weather like?
Rest assured, good weather beginning in 2016: the provincial meteorological observatory analysis, during the New Year's day (31 December solstice 3), our province general is given priority to with cloudy weather, the night of 2 to 3, the north region of middle of zhejiang has a short light rain weather.
That is to say, today sunny, sunny tomorrow, after the weather is fine, the day will be gone with the wind light rain for a while.You are casting its hooves, go out and play hard.
It was a warm New Year's day, but fell a little warm today, 1 in the morning in most parts of the lowest temperature of 0 ~ 3 ℃, 2, daytime temperatures start to rebound quickly, 3, the highest temperature area austral short for zhejiang province back up to 18 ~ 20 ℃.
Specific forecast is as follows:
Today: the province's sunny to cloudy, lowest temperature 5 ℃ ~ 7 ℃, and southern coastal areas in other parts of the 2 ℃ ~ 4 ℃, district 8 ℃ to 10 ℃, the highest temperature in the north of the south region of middle of zhejiang 11 ℃ ~ 14 ℃.
1: the province's sunny to cloudy, lowest temperature 0 ℃ ~ 3 ℃, the highest temperature 10 ℃ ~ 13 ℃.
2: the province's cloudy to overcast, lowest temperature 3 ℃ ~ 5 ℃, the highest temperature 13 ℃ ~ 16 ℃.
3: the north region of middle of zhejiang sometimes cloudy to overcast with light rain, cloudy area austral short for zhejiang province;The lowest temperature, in most parts of the province for 8 ℃ to 10 ℃;The highest temperature, the north region of middle of zhejiang 14 ℃ ~ 17 ℃, 18 ℃ ~ 20 ℃ area austral short for zhejiang province.To the New Year's day today, good air quality or light pollution
Once this winter, even fine, haze to brush a sense, that's disgusting.
Like today, forecast of light pollution, no problem of "northern imported pollution", which is in north China and jianghuai with moderate to severe air pollution, affected by the weak cold air, today will be helping to pollution particles south, contamination may have input in our province.
Well, northerly winds blowing all the time, pollution is conveniently under the jiangnan.
However, in terms of the overall performance of 2015, it is better than last year.
Data from the hangzhou city environmental protection bureau, November 1 - this year, hangzhou environmental air quality days accumulated 230 days, rose 17 days, was 68.9%.
During the New Year's day?
Fog there will be, but for now, performed well -- hangzhou observatory predicts that during the New Year's day, no obvious cold air activity, surface layer, small wind, air flow is weak, prone to fog, haze weather, air quality is given priority to with good or light pollution.
Well, hope to HOLD live forecast.